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So now you're excited at the prospect of growing your business on the internet, but you might be leery of the expense.  Don't be - though the initial setup of a web site can seem expensive, the cost over a year is very reasonable.  Take a look at the numbers below.

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What's it going to cost?
5 Page Site 10 Page Site

Basic Web Site
One-Time Charges

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Domain Name Registration
A domain name is a unique address to your web site (such as  Domain name registration is handled by InterNIC.  They charge a fee of $70 which covers the registration for two years.  Renewal is $35/year thereafter.

Setup Fee - Web Site Host
Your web site must be physically located on a computer that's connected to the internet.  Web hosting companies provide the computer equipment, high-speed T3 connections to the internet, uninterruptable power and take care of backups and security.   The company we use to host our sites charges a $50 fee to open an account.  Commerce sites hosted on iMALL have a different fee structure which is addressed on the Commerce Sites page.

Page Design
This is the fee to create each page on your web site.  It includes page design, text entry,  graphics, hyperlinks and multimedia.  Our fee is typically $125-$150 per page.  Copy writing and custom graphic work may require additional charges.

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Recurring Charges

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Monthly Hosting Fee
This is the monthly "rent" to host your web site.  The fee varies according to the size of your site and optional services, but is typically just $30-$60 per month.

This fee can be billed quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Site Updates
It is important to regularly update the content of your site.  This gives a reason for visitors to come back often.  You can choose to pay an hourly fee of $75 for changes or contract a fixed fee for multiple updates.

So what does this mean in terms of total costs? Look at our chart for an annualized comparison of site plans.

Welcome to - the web site design and internet consulting group of Coastal Technologies

Where are your eyes immediately drawn?   Probably right to the rainbow dividing line.  Not the most vital piece of information here, is it?  It's important to remember that design elements that work on a personal home page don't necessarily work on a business site.  We've had some fun creating this page, but we need to stay focused on the real intent of your web site - generating more business.

When considering any picture, background or sound always judge it against the message you're trying to convey to a customer.  Does it enhance that message?  If not, don't use it.

Think about the sites you visit most often -- Yahoo, Google, Amazon, eBay.  Notice how clean and effective their designs are.

Seen enough?  Go ahead and close this window.


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