The process to get up and running with a web site that will grow your income is easy...

Step 1. Feel the need

The fact that you're here means you realize you have a need to create a site that will enhance your business.  Congratulations, you're ready for Step 2.

Step 2. Sign up for your free consultation

This simple step takes just a few minutes.  After we receive your request, we'll contact you to schedule your session.

Step 3. Pick our brains

Our 20 minute web strategy analysis will help define your needs and goals.  You'll come away with revenue generating ideas that could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  

Step 4. Review the proposal

After the consultation, we'll prepare a proposal for your review.  Typically the proposal will include three custom plans to address your needs.  You can choose whichever one best fits your goals, time and budget.  If you don't see the perfect plan, that's okay... we'll work with you to deliver exactly what you want.

Step 5. Say YES!

We will call you one week after the free consultation.  Are you ready to put the plan into action?  Great!  We'll let you know what materials we need from you (at a minimum this will be existing marketing materials and your logo).  We'll prepare the contracts and schedule so we can get to work.

The Development Process

Design Approval

While you gather the materials we listed in Step 5 above, we'll be preparing design mockups for your approval.  Depending on the plan you selected, as many as three unique layouts will be developed.  You will have plenty of opportunity to tweak your favorite design until it perfectly suits the image you want to present.

If your plan includes a site visit for photography, we'll schedule the picture taking session to coincide with a meeting over the design.


Once we receive your final approval for the design, we'll begin the process of coding your site.  You will be asked to periodically review the work in progress.


For database powered web sites, you will receive training on all administrative functions. 


Your acceptance marks the end of the initial development, but not the end of our relationship.  We will be close by to guide you and answer questions to make sure you are using the site to its maximum potential.  We aren't happy until your site makes you money!